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Help your clients develop healthy gaming habits

Gaming and esports needs a grassroots support framework to help the next generation of players develop positive gaming habits and balanced mental health.

With INTENTA’s mental health resources, professionals are equipped to help players and their families find a healthier relationship with gaming. Discover evidence-based strategies to break down barriers and connect with your clients. Help them regain control of their gaming habits and THRIVE. 

"Gaming offers me a form of escapism; a place where I feel there are no consequences to my actions - but now I feel trapped."

Tommy, gamer, 18 years old

State of Gaming

  • 3 billion gamers worldwide 10% are at-risk of problematic gaming use.
  • $175 billion global gaming market larger than the music and film industries combined.
  • $24 billion global esports market with 15.7% revenue growth in 2020.
  • 545 million global esports audience, including enthusiasts and casual viewers.

INTENTA is passionate about gaming mental health and raising awareness around this rapidly emerging field:

We are supported by a global network of cross-disciplinary advisors from the fields of mental health, addiction, technology, education and neuroscience to shape our training program.

We monitor emerging trends and latest research to keep mental health professionals up to date with industry developments so they can better support positive mental health for gamers and their loved ones.


Introducing INTENTA Gaming Disorder Clinical Training

Our internationally-accredited Gaming Disorder Training bridges the clinical skills gap with an affordable, online course that delivers results.

Learn evidence-based techniques, discover the latest gaming trends, and gain insights into gaming culture to authentically connect with your clients and their world.

The groundbreaking training facilitates healthy gaming habits with a proven track record in increasing self-worth and motivation in clients while reducing any co-occurring feelings of depression and anxiety.

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“If you want expertise on the future of gaming, INTENTA is where I would get it.” –Loy Anderson, M.S. Counselling

“This training should be required for anyone working with adolescents or young adults in any area of mental health or social work.” –Cheryl L. Mahoney, M.Ed, LSW

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