Human solutions for digital being

We equip professionals with premiere resources on digital disorders to empower an intentional digital culture



Compulsive digital is our challenge. Intentional digital is the solution.

INTENTA is at the forefront of the global conversation on how to address the emerging behavioural digital addiction crisis. Rather than advocating for less technology and digital use, we envision a world where technology supports our shared well-being. 

INTENTA’s aim is to drive a comprehensive shift to re-imagine the modern relationship with digital technology from compulsive use to intentional use.

It’s not all fun and games.

Cam Adair

Co-Founder, INTENTA


We are a values-driven company with a vision that reaches beyond the bottom line.

INTENTA partners with a global network of world-class, cross-disciplinary team of expert consultants from academia and industry to deliver evidenced-informed training programes and a resource hub.

We believe the shift from compulsive technology use to intentional digital use will enable a healthy digital culture and provide opportunities that unlock human potential.


We’re adaptable, fearless, and ready to take a stand at the forefront of this conversation.

We believe educating mental healthcare professionals is a force for good as part of a broader social contract.

We believe technology data has the power to serve as a catalyst for transformation and positive social change


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Drawing from diverse fields of mental health, addiction, technology and neuroscience, we synthesize and share the most up to date worldwide research on problematic digital use. While there is currently a paucity of research in this rapidly emerging field, we monitor and report on ethical best practices to ensure that mental health professionals are kept up to date with global consumer and corporate trends.

INTENTA also communicates trends, insights and emergent solutions on our hub, through INTENTA social channels, and in our digital behavioural use insights report.