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The modern world of gaming and esports

Gaming is enjoyed by people of all ages across the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry, worth more than the movie and music industries combined.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the number of gamers to an all-time high, with non-gamers picking up video game controllers as a social lifeline, and pre-existing gamers spending even more time and money on gaming activities.


gamers worldwide


global gaming market


global esports market


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Responsible Play

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For Professionals: Gaming World Training

Around 10% of the world’s 3.4 billion gamers are at-risk of problematic play – this represents millions of people globally. By request we developed an internationally-accredited curriculum for professionals working with gamers, professional players and esports teams.

The ground-breaking course focuses on increasing self-worth, motivation and performance in clients and players.

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“If you want expertise on the future of gaming, INTENTA is where I would get it.” –Loy Anderson, M.S. Counselling

“This training should be required for anyone working with adolescents or young adults in any area of mental health or social work.” –Cheryl L. Mahoney, M.Ed, LSW

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