Nadja Streiter

nadja streiter

Nadja Streiter, LMSW is a psychotherapist, parent coach and speaker based outside of New York City.

Gaming has become an integral part of life for our youth as well as for a substantial number of adults who seek entertainment and social connection.

As the number of gamers rises so does the number of problematic gamers. Excessive gaming presents serious physical and mental health risks and in that most problematic gamers also have co-occurring diagnoses, many will find themselves in a therapeutic setting.

Clinicians need to understand the unique characteristics of gaming addiction in order to proactively address symptoms, provide accurate assessment, and have any hope for successful treatment.

Nadja Streiter has specific expertise in treating adolescents and adults who struggle with Video Game Addiction and other technology based problematic behaviors as well as co-occurring disorders. Ms. Streiter is a frequent speaker and also serves as Programs Director at Game Quitters, where she co-created the parent program, RECLAIM.

Ms. Streiter received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University and chairs the Mental Health Professionals Work Group at the Children’s Screentime Action Network.

She graduated from the INTENTA training in 2020 and sits on Board of Advisors.

“I found the gaming disorder clinical training to be thorough, balanced and easy to understand. The combination of lecture and video was extremely helpful for absorbing and retaining information. I highly recommend this for anyone trying to gain a well rounded understanding of Gaming Disorder.”

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