Tash Dowling

Tash helps parents who are frustrated and exhausted with the constant struggle to get their child off the internet.

In 2016 I realized my son was addicted to gaming and social media. He was 16 years old at the time and not only a dedicated gamer for years but social media also took up a lot of his time.

The feeling that something has taken your child was probably the worst feeling of all for me and I’m sure for most other parents out there as well.

I am very passionate about supporting families through this struggle of gaming disorder. Personally, it makes my heart sing particularly when the child sees for themselves what they were tied into, and of course the family connection return.

Whether it be gaming or social media, I show parents how to get their child back, spending quality time with family & friends again with a firm grip on their technology use.

"The training I received via INTENTA has greatly enhanced my coaching with parents and teens."

Back in 2016 in Australia, I could not find a therapist to help us as gaming disorder simply just was not known, nor recognized by most.

I was desperate to find help from someone who had experience in this particular field of addiction, but there was nothing. That is what lead me to detox my son from gaming addiction and go onto help others do the same. This led to the birth of The Digitox Restore Program.

The training I received via INTENTA has greatly enhanced my coaching with parents and teens, as well as gaining a more expansive view at what many families are facing and more insight into the gamers world and how valid that experience is for them.

Basically all of us, our kids included, need and want to be connected, and as parents, it is up to us to guide them as to what they are mostly connected to.

This is not an easy task in an ever-growing tech-based world, but yes it is possible and necessary for each individual family to be supported to find their right balance with screen time.


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