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"This training is a must."

– Jeremy Edge, Counselor and Founder of

Introducing our Community

Our peer support community platform is exclusively available to graduates of the INTENTA training program.

As technology rapidly evolves, committed professionals and passionate learners can maintain access to 15 hour training modules and keep up to date with emerging trends and latest research insights from additional bonus modules. It is a space to ask questions, participate in important discussions, expand professional skills and stay current of this ever-changing field.

What's Included:

  • 24/7 content access: Full access to all training modules, including updates and ‘bonus’ content.
  • Latest research insights: Bi-weekly emerging trends and latest research insights.
  • Networking opportunities: Access to a global network of committed professionals.
  • Discussion topics: Weekly discussion topics.
  • Q&A with industry experts: Monthly interviews with industry experts, researchers and academics.
  • Professional directory: Entry in professional directory on the INTENTA website.
  • Case consultations: Discounted group case consultations with Dr Jay Berk.

By joining the community you will:

  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of digital disorders
  • Enrich your existing knowledge with up-to-date information
  • Further your professional development
  • Stay on top of industry news and trends
  • Learn from leading experts and like-minded professionals
  • Improve your quality of care and reduce potential risk of harm for clients
  • Be a valuable source of up-to-date knowledge for your colleagues
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What does the membersip cost?

$350 per annum – contact us for group rates

Taught by a team of world leading experts in gaming disorder prevention, treatment and recovery.

Widely hailed as a leading expert on video game addiction, Cam Adair is best known as the founder of Game Quitters, a support community for gamers from 95 countries. In 2017, he was named one of Canada’s Leaders in Mental Health.

Dr. Jay Berk PhD is a licensed psychologist with extensive clinical expertise in treating gaming disorder. He is a published author on Electronic and Gaming Addiction and a Child & Adolescent Social Skills Specialist who developed the REBOOT program at Grand River Academy.

INTENTA is supported by a powerful partnership group of cross-disciplinary advisors drawing from diverse fields of mental health, addiction, technology, education, and neuroscience to help shape the framework, evidence-informed tools, perspectives, and education of our training.


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