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Promote the benefits of gaming and esports while raising awareness on safe play and mental health.

INTENTA is committed to making esports a safe and positive experience for young people. The #MindYourGame campaign uses esports as a conduit to engage participants in building a healthy relationship with gaming. Partnering with Esposure, Varsity Esports Foundation and Fresnou School District the educational series is available to more than 450+ schools in over 40 US States.

Benefits for schools

  • Promote the benefits of esports, including enhanced problem solving, improved memory, greater engagement in STEM subjects and career opportunities.
  • Educate parents, teachers and school counselors on the benefits of gaming.
  • Inspire students to develop and maintain healthy gaming habits and encourage an inclusive community that supports players’ mental health and well-being.
  • Discover strategies to share with parents, families and educators on how to play safely to protect and improve mental health for gamers.
  • Reduce gaming and gambling-related harm in esports.
  • Provide support pathways for anyone struggling with problematic gaming.
Julie Mavrogeorge, 2021-2022 NACAD High School Esports Director of the Year

"Esports provides a platform to engage and educate all players including those who are neurodiverse on important topics such as their mental health and leverage gaming as a source of personal and professional growth.” #MindYourGame

Esports educational program

The #MindYourGame campaign will deliver an esports educational content series – Gaming World.

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Gaming World

An online gaming and esports mental wellness educational series for students aged 14-18. The awareness and educational training includes videos, text, and worksheets.

The content topics include benefits and risks of gaming and esports, defining healthy gaming, common gaming issues, gaming and the brain, in-game overspending, safe gaming habits, getting support and how to make a career from gaming and esports. 

Career Interviews & Featured Experts

Sylvia Gathoni

Forbes Africa Top 30 Under 30

First female professional gamer from Kenya, named Forbes Africa Top 30 Under 30 innovators, member of the Global Esports Federation Athletes, Players and Communities Commission.

Emma Rose

Commonwealth Games gold medallist

Commonwealth Games gold medallist at the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships in Birmingham 2022.

Gaming World has been developed in collaboration with a group of cross-disciplinary international experts on gaming, esports and mental wellness:

Rikke Nørgaard Elster

Head of Mental Health Tech at We.Care

Bubba Gaeddert

Executive Director, Varsity Esports Foundation

Mark Cai

Content Creator and Influencer

Julie Mavrogeorge

NAECAD High School Esports Director of the Year 2021-22

Owen Record

Esports Coach and Games Consultant

Dr Ryan Terao

Tier 1 Esports Psychologist

Student support

As part of the #MindYourGame campaign, students will be given access to additional support pathways:

Mental wellness check-up

Parents or educators concerned about problematic gaming behaviors they witness may contact Kindbridge for a 15-minute informative mental wellness consultation.


Trusted peer-support resources

Often, young people seek mental health support via search engines and the accuracy of the information they find is highly variable. Peer support plays a key role in helping young people recover from problem gaming.

Let's make esports a positive experience for all

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