US Esports Mental Wellness Campaign

Promote the benefits of gaming and esports while raising awareness on safe play and mental health.

INTENTA is committed to making esports a safe and positive experience for young people. Launching in September 2022, the #MindYourGame campaign will use esports as a conduit to engage participants in building a healthy relationship with gaming.

The #MindYourGame campaign will raise awareness in schools and esports clubs about the benefits and opportunities of gaming and esports which include enhanced problem solving, improved memory, greater engagement in STEM subjects, and a myriad of career opportunities. The campaign will share strategies on how to play safely to protect and improve students’ mental health and provide support pathways for anyone struggling with problematic gaming.

  • The campaign will educate students on the benefits of esports while raising awareness of how to play safely to improve their mental health.
  • The program will reach an estimated two million students, parents, educators, and professionals at 200+ U.S. schools in September 2022.

"Esports provides a platform to engage and educate players on important topics such as their mental health and leverage gaming as a source of personal and professional growth.”

Cam Adair, Co-Founder of INTENTA

Esports educational programs

The #MindYourGame campaign will deliver two esports educational programs with free scholarship opportunities.

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Esports Gaming World Webinar

‘Live’ online esports mental wellness prerecorded webinar for students aged 14-18 to access throughout the campaign. The awareness and educational training package includes lesson plans, resources/information packs and a pre-recorded live training webinar.

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Esports Mental Wellness Training

This practical online scholarship program is designed to help students maintain positive gaming habits. The three-hour interactive curriculum will introduce the components of a successful mindset, explain how to set goals and measure performance, highlight the importance of balance in esports, and provide tools for mindfulness and self-regulation.

Schools and nominated scholarship students will have access to the webinar and training platform via an online license for the duration of the campaign. The industry-leading online learning management system includes text, videos, audio, graphics, and gaming simulations.

Benefits for schools

  • Promote the benefits of esports, including enhanced problem solving, improved memory, greater engagement in STEM subjects and career opportunities.
  • Educate parents, teachers and school counselors on the benefits of gaming and how to play safe.
  • Inspire students to develop and maintain healthy gaming habits and encourage an inclusive community that supports players’ mental health and well-being.
  • Discover strategies to share with parents, families and educators on how to play safely to protect and improve mental health for gamers.
  • Reduce gaming- and gambling-related harm in esports.
  • Provide support pathways for anyone struggling with problematic gaming.

Get your school involved

We are offering US schools free scholarship opportunities. For more information, contact our team.

Student support

As part of the #MindYourGame campaign, students will be given access to additional support pathways:

Mental wellness check-up

Student gamers struggling with problematic use will be offered a free 15-minute mental wellness check-up with Kindbridge – a virtual, specialist mental healthcare provider who provide screening and support for problematic gaming and any co-existing mental health conditions.


Trusted peer-support resources

Often, young people seek mental health support via search engines and the accuracy of the information they find is highly variable. Peer support plays a key role in helping young people recover from problem gaming. INTENTA recommends the following free peer-support resources for gamers who are struggling with their gaming habits and well-being.

Partnership opportunities

Esports is the fastest-growing sport in the world and offers many career opportunities for young players. INTENTA is looking to partner with organizations and media outlets that want to raise awareness and promote the educational campaign messaging around safer gaming and esports.

Following a successful pilot program, the aim is to roll out the #MindYourGame campaign to other US states and global markets. In addition, INTENTA is at the proposal stage of two further esports campaigns planned for later in 2022 and there will be partnership opportunities associated with those campaigns.

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Benefits for organizations and media outlets

  • Reach over two million students, parents, educators and professionals at 200 US schools.
  • Embed your messaging in webinar content delivered to students, families and educators.
  • Include information about your organization in scholarship education content aimed at students.
  • Increase social reach and engagement from the shareable webinar and training content.
  • Raise awareness of your organization through regional state press coverage in relevant media publications.

Become a partner

For more information, contact our team.

Our Experts

Development includes collaboration amongst a powerful partnership group of cross-disciplinary international advisors on gaming, esports and mental wellness.


Cam Adair

Cam Adair is an international speaker and entrepreneur who is widely hailed as a leading expert on video game addiction. He is best known as the founder of Game Quitters, a support community for gamers from 95 countries. Cam co-founded INTENTA to equip professionals with resources on digital disorders where he developed the International Gaming Disorder Clinical Training. He has spoken at the World Health Organization, Eton College and more. In 2017, he was named one of Canada’s Leaders in Mental Health.


Dr. Ryan Terao

Dr Ryan Terao is a clinical and esports psychologist, mental performance coach and esports program developer. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr Terao takes a systemic approach to understanding the factors that affect the performance of esports teams, coaches and players. As an esports psychologist, Dr Terao brings a systemic and holistic approach and perspective to the mental, physical and social health of gamers.

Rikke Nørgaard Elster

Rikke Nørgaard Elster

Rikke Nørgaard Elster is Head of Mental Health tech at We.Care, which is a startup that provides online therapy through video and text. Rikke is a trained psychologist and has spent the last decade specializing in e-mental health, and her and We.Care’s ultimate goal is to make therapy more accessible and better through technology .