Safer Gaming Consultancy

Professional strategic services to help organizations embed safer and responsible gaming standards.

We Believe in SAFER GAMING

At INTENTA, we believe in a world where safe and responsible gaming supports the mental health and well-being of gamers.

In response to the rapid development of global gambling and gaming innovation, we provide strategic consultancy services.

INTENTA envision's a world where 3 billion+ gamers can avoid the risks and enjoy the benefits of recreational gaming and esports.

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#Ahead of the Game

We believe that smart gaming needs to be part of a broader strategy delivered through policies, staff training and mental well-being resources for players.

By establishing internal and external touch points, you will lead from the inside out by embedding safer and responsible gaming into your culture, and providing safeguards for your customers.

"If you want expertise on the future of gaming, INTENTA is where I would get it."


  • Showcase your organization as a leader in delivering safer gaming standards
  • Position yourself as a trusted organization that promotes responsible and safer gaming
  • Deliver your corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives and generate positive PR
  • Support your responsible gambling and gaming strategy
  • Protect the mental health and well-being of customers, and provide a safer gaming experience
  • Attract and retain happier, healthier gamers
  • Help players identify any problematic behavior

Embed Safer Gaming Standards in Your Organization

Become an early adopter of responsible and safer gaming practices to stand out from the competition. Raise your safer gaming standards as part of a broader strategy through policies, staff training and mental well-being resources for players.

Responsible gaming website

Policy, resources and support pathway pages

Staff education and resources

‘On demand’ training & education

Player mental well-being resources

Proven curriculum that builds mental resilience to help gamers play in balance

All services will be customized to align with your company’s values, policies and procedures.


INTENTA partners with organizations to create awareness and education campaigns on healthy gaming to support responsible and safer gaming initiatives.


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