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Loved the new Gaming World Course! The segments on gaming and the brain and strategies to promote healthy and balanced gaming were awesome. This course offers a lot of relevant information and highlights the importance of having support in the competitive gaming market” Michelle Nogueira, RSSW, CAC II, CPGC, IGDC

How can the course be used?

Gaming World is a series of five short videos that can be used as a tool in a number of settings:

Who is the course for?

Gaming World is for gamers, families, professionals, support services, and youth clubs and organizations:

  • Gamers – to develop and maintain healthy gaming habits for positive mental health and well-being.
  • Parents – to increase understanding of gaming and esports, provide a common language, help address any concerns and support effective parenting strategies.
  • Teachers, school counselors and school support services – to gain a greater knowledge of gaming and esports, and understand strategies for developing a healthy relationship with gaming.
  • Mental health practitioners and addiction counselors – to increase rapport with gamers and provide psychoeducation in individual or group sessions (face-to-face or virtual), and discuss as part of treatment.
  • Organizations that offer youth training and workshops – to include this mini-course in other training or offer it as a stand-alone course to help reduce gaming and gambling-related harm in gaming and esports.
  • Esports clubs – to help players capitalize on the opportunities and minimize the potential harms of esports, all students should take this course as a prerequisite to joining the team.
  • Other sports teams – students in other sports teams would benefit from taking this course to protect and improve their mental health as a high percentage of athletes play video games.

Course Overview & Curriculum

The Gaming World course is a comprehensive guide to the modern world of gaming. Learn about the benefits and risks of esports, and how to help steer a gamer’s passion in a healthy and positive direction.


60 minutes of training

The self-paced, online course is divided into five short lessons which can be completed together or separately.


Easy learning format

Industry-leading online learning management system including videos, esports industry interviews, reflective worksheets, and additional resources and support.


24/7 access

The Gaming World course is accessible online 24 hours a day.

The Gaming World curriculum includes:

Facts and statistics about the modern world of gaming. Benefits of gaming and esports including improved cognitive abilities, increased motivation, better emotional regulation and building STEM skills.

How to make a career out of gaming and esports. Industry interviews with esports athletes and content creators.

Healthy gaming explained by Dr Ryan Terao, esports and clinical psychologist. Common gaming issues and how gamers can protect themselves.

Gaming and the brain – the effects of dopamine on gamer behavior. In-game overspending and how the line between gaming and gambling has become increasingly blurred.

How to develop safer gaming habits – two key strategies explained. Getting support for gaming issues from parents, friends, school counsellors, teachers, coaches, medical professionals or online support communities.

After completing this module, you will have gained tools, strategies and specific considerations to apply to working with this client base and their families.

Designed by leading experts in gaming, esports and mental health

The course has been designed by leading experts in gaming, esports and mental health – Dr Ryan Terao, a tier 1 esports psychologist, and Cam Adair, an international speaker on mental health in gaming.

It includes interviews with high-profile esports athletes and content creators.

Cam Adair

Co-Founder, INTENTA

Dr Ryan Terao

Esports Psychologist

Rikke Nørgaard Elster

Head of Mental Health Tech at We.Care

Bubba Gaeddert

Executive Director, Varsity Esports Foundation

Mark Cai

Content Creator and Influencer

Julie Mavrogeorge

NAECAD High School Esports Director of the Year 2021-22

Sylvia Gathoni

Forbes Africa Top 30 Under 30

Emma Rose

Commonwealth Games gold medallist

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