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What You Will Learn:

A comprehensive understanding of problematic and disordered gaming with practical strategies for treatment and prevention.

Emerging Trends

Understand emerging trends and gamer culture to better serve your clients

Practical Tools

Gain insights, new skills and practical tools to prevent and treat gaming behaviors


Evidence based ‘how to guides’ on working with disordered clients & family systems

Training Overview

Easy-to-follow format allows professionals to understand the context, dynamics, mechanisms and special issues that present with gaming clients. Lessons include a combination of video, audio and written text for diverse learning styles.


15 Hours of Training

Train at your own pace over 45 days with our world class virtual training. Interactive features include quizzes, simulations and scenarios.


1x Live Online Session

Access to expert trainers via our 'online training chat'. In addition, an optional private session (20 mins) with our Clinical Director to discuss your Case Formulation.


24/7 Content Access

Content is available 24 hours a day for 45 days with an internet connection. References cited at end of each lesson for your convenience.

Training Curriculum

Two training courses address the psychology of gaming, identify risk behaviors, encourage personal and professional growth, improve social interactions, develop conflict negotiation skills, reduce negative peer influences, and promote positive mental health, resilience and self-esteem.

In this first module, we introduce the foundation of the training, which includes the human-game interaction (the gamer, culture, and purpose of gaming), the gaming industry (monetization, game design, and recent innovations) and gaming risk factors (in-game, family and cognitive risks).

After completing this module, you will have a comprehensive understanding of modern gaming and its relationship to individuals and their families.

Building upon the foundation from Module 1, we introduce the gaming continuum (from recreational to disordered), review the prevalence and negative consequences, and the sub-types of gamers.

After completing this module, you will have a framework for understanding all types of gaming and gamer profiles.

We present the ten (10) most effective assessments through a custom screening framework. This process allows you to progress from, basic monitoring for at-risk gaming, through baseline assessment (using established screening tools) followed by a gaming-specific biopsychosocial, including non-standard criteria, and finally an advanced gamer profiling system.

After completing this module, you will have a straightforward process for screening at-risk, problematic, or disordered gaming.

In this module, you work through a case formulation to conceptualize a hypothetical client. We have designed a visual formulation process called Gaming Zones that includes core psychopathology, dimensional development, relapse prevention, and potential treatment goals.

(Note: Alternately, you may complete a standard biopsychosocial in place of the Gaming Zones formulation.)

After completing this module, you will have synthesized the first three modules through practical application.

Optional: You may schedule a 1-to-1 case formulation discussion with our Clinical Director, Dr Jay Berk.

Lastly, we review the most effective intervention approaches, prevention methods, and recovery tools, including practical guidelines for digital boundaries “degaming” and family issues. This module includes printable handouts that you may use in your practice.

After completing this module, you will understand the most effective approaches to working with gamers, whether they are at-risk, problematic, or disordered.

Learning Outcomes:

  • You will improve your quality of care and reduce potential risk of harm for clients
  • You will understand the psychology of gaming and recent innovation trends
  • You will have validated screening tools to identify at-risk clients
  • You will implement practical strategies for prevention, treatment and recovery
  • You will be a valuable source of knowledge amongst your colleagues
  • You will be an internationally recognized specialist in gaming disorder

Perks of joining the community

The community is for committed professionals and passionate learners who want to understand the context, dynamics, mechanisms and special issues that present with gaming clients and digital disorders. It’s a space to ask questions, participate in important discussions, and expand professional skills.


Understanding Esports: Mental Wellness

Our Esports Mental Wellness training enables helping professionals to identify risk behaviors before they become problematic, and make esports gaming a safe and positive experience for players and families.

After completing the training you will:

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Online training modules for mental health practitioners

Mental health professionals face unique challenges in today’s modern digital world:

Without comprehensive education, professionals risk causing harm to clients by making ineffective and counterproductive interventions.

intenta gaming

Taught by a team of world leading experts in gaming disorder prevention, treatment and recovery.

Widely hailed as a leading expert on video game addiction, Cam Adair is best known as the founder of Game Quitters, a support community for gamers from 95 countries. In 2017, he was named one of Canada’s Leaders in Mental Health.

Dr. Jay Berk PhD is a licensed psychologist with extensive clinical expertise in treating gaming disorder. He is a published author on Electronic and Gaming Addiction and a Child & Adolescent Social Skills Specialist who developed the REBOOT program at Grand River Academy.

INTENTA is supported by a powerful partnership group of cross-disciplinary advisors drawing from diverse fields of mental health, addiction, technology, education, and neuroscience to help shape the framework, evidence-informed tools, perspectives, and education of our training.


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